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GELGOOG Chicken Feet Skin Peeling Machine

chicken feet skin peeler machine
GELGOOG automatic chicken feet skin peeling machine is used to peel the yellow skin from chicken feet, with convenient operation, high yield, high peeling rate, stainless steel material,  and no damage to chicken feet. This chicken feet peeling equipment with capacity 500-1000kg/h can customize large chicken feet peeling production line equipment according to customer requirements, so it is the current domestic most advanced chicken feet peeling equipment.
The flowchart of the AMS chicken feet processing machine is as follows: Conveying-- chicken feet blanching -- chicken feet peeling -- pre cooling- drying machine
Technical Requirements of Horizontal Chicken Claws Peeling Machine: 
1. The chicken feet peeling machine can be used with spiral chicken feet blanching machine, suitable for chicken feet processing plants and small, large-scale slaughter processing enterprise. 
2. The chicken claws peeling equipment is all made of stainless steel materials, convenient operation, stable performance and long equipment life. Under the food hygienic standard. 
3. The spindle rapidly rotating drive glue stick on the shaft relative spiral motion, driving birds claw in the cylinder body to rotate and move on. 
4. The relative spiral motion of main shaft glue stick is reverse to relative tube length trough spiral, reverse force for poultry claw in progress, so as to realize the flap on avian claw, knead, makes the bird claw yellow skin off, realizing yellow skin of chicken feet removing.
This chicken feet peeling machine can also be used in line with the complete chicken feet peeling line, widely used for poultry processing.