Hot to Deep Fry French Fries?

By:Sarah     Date:2016-05-28

People like to eat French fries, while the price will be expensive if you go outside. Why not try to make french fries at home? There are many online tips and recipes on how to make french fries. According to the ways to get the real again, but fried out always greasy, soft, and later to buy their own potatoes, after several attempts, finally blasted out of the crunchy chips. Share this method with you.
french fries frying
How to make fried crispy french fries?Check this:
Potato variety is also the key to deep fried potato chips, and now there are two common potato markets, one is the Holland potato with more expensive price,the other the local potato. For the former one, the taste is crisp, sweet suitable for making French fries.

What is the main difference? The shape of Holland potato is oval, the skin and the inside are yellow. The potatoes are round, and with white color. Homemade French fries how fried crisp deep fried crispy fries tips next preparatory work basically similar, peel the potatoes, cut into uniform thickness of 0.5 cm long. Cut the potatoes in clear water and soak them in water for a few more times until the water becomes clear. Soak the potatoes into the boiling water to cook until seven or eight mature, potatoes will be transparent.
Boil the potatoes and put them in milk for at least 30 minutes. Homemade French fries how fried crisp deep fried crispy fries tips then this step is fried crisp chips of one of the keys: a good soaking potatoes, remove and drain water, fry before stained above a thin layer of starch. A good soaking potatoes must be drained out of the water, or the sop up the water with a kitchen, with a layer of starch can be thin. Such a small potato can make the oil, two is to allow the French fries crisp fried.
How to homemade French fries fried fried crispy fries / tips in the pan put oil, oil temperature of 80 degrees under the wrapped starch potato chips. (test the oil method: take a chopstick in the pot, the oil slick down the chopsticks turned up when the oil temperature is appropriate.) Homemade French fries how fried crisp deep fried crispy fries tips second skillet is deep fried crispy fries the key: French fries to yellow fish out, hanging a bit, until the oil temperature slightly a bit hot, the fried French fries secondary wok, after the gold color to yellow quickly remove and Lek oil. Second frying, the oil must be hot, the action must be fast, chips inside play a roll on the fish out, not fried too long, otherwise it will fried coke.

While, if you want to deep fry french fries for commercial or industrial use, better use a Continuous Frying Machine

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