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American Customer Visiting For Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

Two American customers visited GELGOOG Company for hydraulic oil press machine. This hydraulic oil press machine is used to press oil from the roasted seed, nuts,sunflower seeds, almond, walnut etc. 
Main components: the piston, hydraulic cylinder, pillar, pedestal, oil pump, cylinder, electric heating circle, and automatic temperature control device, etc.Material adopt high quality metal materials, and improve the machine performance, ensure the service life of parts.
oil press machine
Advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance. The main features of Hydraulic Oil Press Machine are:
1. High oil rate - compared with the old-fashioned equipment, the normal oil rate can be higher than 2 to 3 points, per processing per kilogram of peanuts can be an average of 2-6 kg, the annual economy
2. Energy saving - the same output to reduce the power of 40%, to an average of 6 times per hour to save electricity calculation, the production can save 30 yuan electricity.
3. Provincial workers - the same output can save 60% of the labor force, 1 to 2 people can organize production, the day can save labor effectiveness of about 40 yuan.
4. Wide application: This hydraulic oil press machine can be pressed peanuts, flax, sesame seeds, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and other 30 kinds of oil crops.
oil press machine

1. External power supply must be reliable, the layout should be reasonable and safe.
2. When starting the machine to lift or press the oil, the top plate must be closed completely. When the cake is to open the roof completely.
3. If the equipment is abnormal at work, please check to see if there is any loosening of the hydraulic system and the motor drive fixing screw.
4. At the end of the work every day, please promptly clean the inside and outside the residue inside the barrel to prevent oil clogging plug.
5. When squeezing the cake out, be careful not to raise the plunger too high to prevent the hydraulic oil from coming out.
6. Add the required grade of hydraulic oil, regular hydraulic oil filter, clean the fuel tank, found that hydraulic oil reduction, should be added in time.
7. If the pressure gauge work is found abnormal, should stop the operation in time, and notify the staff overhaul.
8. Before the test machine, the user must be grounded or zero line according to the local power grid.
9. Do not open the cabinet or tank cover during operation