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Industrial Groundnut Frying Line Sold to Australia

One customer from Australia ordered a set of industrial groundnut frying line from GELGOOG Company. Customer owns a medium factory for processing nuts and beans, and he ordered machine with capacity 200kg per hour. The set of groundnut frying line is consisted of nut frying machine, deoiling machine, and conveyors, made of high quality stainless steel, 
industrial groundnut frying line price
The whole set of industrial groundnut frying line adopts stainless steel 304, with double conveyor belt food and adjustable frequency for belt speed. Automatic lifting system provides convenience for workers to clean machine body, and thermostat ensures the continuous production deep-fried food temperature and consistent time. Frying machine of this pipeline uses oil-water mixture or pure oil scraping residue technique, residues in food can automatically sink into water, or scrap off residue through longitudinal or transerve  scraping slag system, which can keep the oil clean. And oil filter machine can be equipped for cleaning oil.