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The Development of Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line

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Noodles originated in China, has emerged as early as in the Qing Dynasty Chinese fried noodles, as non-fried instant noodles can be traced back to the Western Han Dynasty China. Until the late 1950s, the traditional production process noodles, instant noodles in Japan completed the industrialization of the production process, from the straight noodles evolved into a corrugated roll hairstyle instant noodles. By the early 1980s, to return to mainland China, to grow and flourish. The advent of the industrial production of instant noodles, noodle industry of China has played a huge role.
 Instant noodles according to the production process is divided into:
 1. Fried Instant noodles Production Line
 2. Non-fried instant noodles Production Line
The early 1980s, China started production in fried instant noodles the same time, the development of non-fried instant noodles production also began. Non-fried noodle production process, except that instead of fried hot air drying, other technological equipment and the same. This was called the corrugated surface of non-fried instant noodles production, the pace of development in the early years and far exceeds the size of fried noodles. At that time, the non-fried instant noodles cooking must not brew instant, and the lack of the kind of tasty fried noodles oil fragrant flavor, coupled with increasing consumer spending power, the more deep-fried instant noodles sold more prosperous, non-fried instant noodle market rapid contraction, a few years, hundreds of non-fried noodle production enterprises have closed down.
Nevertheless, non-fried instant noodles industry remains as a dream, there is a lot of innovative programs in the industry entrepreneurs. Thereafter, whenever encountered fried instant noodles market economy is not the time.
Force to improve rehydration and quality of non-fried instant noodles, the introduction of a variety of products of non-fried instant noodles class. Since has been unable to get rid of the inherent limitations of traditional technology, products, rehydration and eating quality has not changed much, the outcome is counterproductive, not to form a new industry. In the defeated case, many people have failed due to marketing concepts and strategies mistakes chain shortage of funds, lack of advocacy and so on, but ignored the brewing style noodle products reach the basic quality requirements of the key of reasons. In this neglect of objective facts wrong influence thinking, in October 2005, the Wang Group generous grains temple strong launch non-fried instant noodles, with extraordinary publicity and marketing efforts to make this a more healthy non-fried instant noodles the night inter into selling products, when production exceeded 10 million bales, an increase of over 230%, causing great concern to instant noodles industry. To the end of May 2006, grain temple has formed eight classes produce 100,000 packets of non-fried instant noodles production capacity.