Instant Noodles Production Line|Automatic Instant Noodles Making Machine

Material: Wheat flour

Capacity: 60K,100K,160K,200K Bags/8 hour,can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


According to the desired production capacity,the fried instant noodle processing plant can produce 60,80,100,160, and 200k bags of instant noodles every shift.

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According to the desired production capacity, the fried instant noodle processing plant can produce 60, 80, 100, 160, and 200 k bags of instant noodles every shift. Adopting advanced technology, the plant is innovative with advanced structure, stable performance, reliable quality and low oil content that provide an ideal choice for the investor in foodstuff industry. 
instant noodles making machine
Main machines of this instant noodles production line plant are dough mixer, curing machine, continuous rolling machine, cooking machine, cutting and folding machine, frying machine, cooling machine, and packing machine.
Automatic instant noodle processing line is new generation development which developed by our company based on similar productions from overseas and domestic market.
Features of fried instant noodles production line:
1. Varioud noodles products: Fried bag instant noodle, fried bowl instant noodle, etc
2. Complete design of safety and health, high degree automation, effective and energy-saving, low oil consumption.
3. Automatic adjustment of dough sheet thickness,no manual operation, automatic dough sheet feeding and tracking.
4. Convenient loading and unloading of the scraper, pressure can be adjusted by random, no damage to roller.
5. The quantity of rollers can be optional combination, to meet the rolling requirement of different food.


No Equipments Model Quantity             Remark
1 Brine metrology mixer GGYSH100 2set 1.5 kw, Pump power 0.75 kw, the capacity of 1000 l/units, contact with water for stainless steel surface
2 Supply metering device GGYSJ10 1set Volume of 110 liters with LCD., round of tank, stainless steel, the pump is 0.75 kw
3 Double speed dough mixer GGHMJ200 2set power 9/11kw, 200 kg/pan, manually open the door, contact with the surface of stainless steel and nylon
4 Disc curing machine GGXS200 1set Power 4 kw, Tray 2000 mm x 410 mm and raw material for stainless steel surface contact
5 Single continuous rolling machine GGMT9-80 1set Paste width 510,7.5+11=18.5kw power(Frequency control of motor speed) 9 pcs steel roller,Hands + worm mechanism adjustable thickness, 
roll diameter φ395×1, φ300×2, φ248×2,φ180×2,φ162×2
6 Single-layer steamed noodles machine GGCZM63 1set Machine is 28 meters long, 3 kw power (VVVF), fan 0.37 kw x 2 units, water seal, mechanical lifting door, stainless steel
7 Cutting and folding machine GGQF120 1set Main drive 1.5 kw (frequency control of motor speed),air knife:0.9 kw,
With spray device.
8 Fried dryer GGYZ100 1set Main drive 3 kw (VVVF), Lift 2.2 kw,Circulating pump 11 kw ,Gear pump 2.2 kw, 0.9 kw wind knife x 2 reached m2, spiral plate heat exchanger 1,
1 set 3.5 m3 tank , carbon steel
9 Air cooling device GGFL120 1 set Blower: 0.37 kwx14 sets, exhaust fan 3 kw power supply by Fried, carbon steel plastic sheeting
10 Shunt conveyor GGFS120 1 set Main drive 1.1 kw (VVVF)
10 Conveyor GGS120 3set 0.37 kw x 3 main drive, mechanical control, stainless steel panel
11 Products conveyor GGCS120 3set w x 2 main drive, mechanical control, stainless steel panel
12 Electric control cabinet GGBPT-1 1 set The main process adopts frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control
  Total Power      85kw

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