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Non Fried Instant Noodles Production line|Baked Instant Noodles Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:60K,100K,160K,200K pieces/8h, can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


instant noodle manufacturing process
For the non fried instant noodles production line, GELGOOG offers many models for selection, 60,000, 100,000, 160,000, 200,000 bags per 8 hours. Also can be customized based on your requirement. Compared with fried instant noodles machine, the only difference lies in the frying machine, nonfried noodle plant is equiped without frying machine, but drying machine.

GELGOOG also supply Fried Instant Noodle Processing Plant.
Advanced technologies and high automation:
(1) The closed-loop speed control system, consisting of speed feedback control and high-precision pulse coder, is designed to perform synchronous control on the whole production line, and it is featured of easy adjustment and high precision synchronization.
(2) It takes the programmable logic controller (PLC) as the process center, and perform automatic control on the process, and the motors on most single machines adopt frequency speed control.
High quality, efficiency and sound shaping:
(1) The dough has regular shape, uniform corrugation, well-proportioned color and high quality.
(2) It has stable performances and high efficiency and easy to operate.
(3) The whole production line is well designed with sound shaping, applicability and safety.

Technical Data

Width:350mm           Capacity:60000 Pcs/8h(60g/Pcs)     4T/8h
No. Machine Name Model Quantity Note
1 Brine quantifier and mixer GG10 1 SET Power:0.75KW,Volume:100L/SET
The parts connect with water are made of stainless steel
2 Double speed dough mixer GG200 1 SET Power 9/11 kw,200kg/pot/manual door opening
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
3 Disc cooker machine GG200 1 SET Power:4kw,size of pan:Diameter1800mm*410mm
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
(Make sure the flour after mixing can be absorbed and mixed well)
4 Composite and continuous dough pressing machine GG7-50 1 SET Dough width 350mm,power 5.5kw+5.5kw=11kw
7 sets steel roller,frame is made of steel structure(frequency control)
Diameter of roller:diameter 180*2,diameter 240*2,diameter180*2,diameter 162
5 Single layer GG50 1 SET 16 meter,water sealing
Main motor power 1.5kw(frequency control),Pan 0.37kw*2,stainless steel
6 Cutting,folding and conveying machine GG80 1 SET Main power 1.5kw+0.75kw,cutting blade 50 times/min,adjustable
7 Double layers drying machine GG50 1 SET Main motor power 1.5kw*2(frequency control+fan 5.5kw*4,net width: 2 meters,total length:30m), stainless steel net
8 Horizontal conveyor GG63 1 SET Main motor power 0.37kw
9 Cooling conveyor GG63 1 SET One horizental:0.55kw,fan 0.37kw*4 ,length:6 meters.width:0.50 meter ,Belt is made of stainless steel
10 Electricity control cabinet GG-1 1 SET Main program adopts frequency control ,PLC program control
  Total     Total Power ~55kw



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