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Cube Sugar Processing Machines Cost

cube sugar making machine
The total set of  cube sugar processing machine is an automatic feeding sugar, automatic pressing, continuous briquetting machine, it is mainly used to press the block-shaped and other various shapes. 18 × 18 × 13mm and 20 × 20 × 15mm and a variety of specifications. Powder or granules of the equipment used in water with or without the addition of water (2-3% moisture), such as sugar (granulated sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar) and chicken, monosodium glutamate, sugar substitutes and other particles. NOTE: Depending on the material, when you want to use some of the aircraft with infrared drying oven, flat linkage conveyors, automatic processing block machine, automatic packing machine, coding and other facilities, lead to assembly-line, such as white sugar, chicken, etc. .
Cube Sugar production is appropriate to use the crystal size granularity refined sugar, refined sugar and a small amount of concentrated solution (water or junction) were mixed, become water containing 1.5% to 2.5% of wet sugar, followed by a semi-square block molding machine, and then dryer to a moisture of 0.5% or less, after cooling the package.
Cube Sugar Processing machine is an automatic to white sugar or brown sugar and other sugar or water, stirring, cutting, tile rolling, cutting, drying, rolling and screening process after the manufacture of rough-cut shaped sugar, because it's not like there is mold extruded sugar so angular, so called rough-cut sugar. The machine consists of automatic mixer, automatic tiling rolling machines, automatic cutting machine, tunnel oven, vibrating screening machines and other equipment. PLC control, electric elements imported parts. This machine is a high degree of automation, easy maintenance, stable performance.