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Meat Floss Production Line Sold to Indonesia

"I'm looking for meat floss line, my idea was a pressure cooker,meat drawer/shredder,rotating meat fryer,meat spinner/flosser". We got customer's inquiry about Meat Floss Production Line on Dec.20th, and customer from Indonesia, origined Dutch. Our sales person contacted customer timely for quotation, and after talking with details, finally customer ordered the complete line.
meat flossMeat floss is a kind of powder made of meat that has beed removed water, which is suitable for preservation, and easy to carry.
It is made from beef, lamb, pork, fish and chicken. Mozzarella is a popular snack in Asia. It is common in Mongolia, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
General Meat floss Rousong are ground into the end of things, suitable for children to eat, roast pudding into the porridge or dip bread edible. Or by adding red bad, sugar, soy sauce, mature oil refined into.
Flavor of the main components of water, protein, fat, chloride, sugar and starch. Moisture content: GB / T23968-2009 requirements meat floss moisture ≤ 20g / 100g, oil crisp floss moisture ≤ 4g / 100g, DB44 / T518-2008 requirements of Chao style floss water ≤ 6.0g / 100g; fat content: Floss ≤ 10g / Protein content: Rousong ≥ 32g / 100g, crisp Rousong ≥ 25g / 100g, Chao style crisp flossy ≥ 35g / 100g.
In general, the added amount of ingredients were 100% lean meat, soy sauce 2%, salt 2%, MSG 0.6%, 2% wine, ginger 0.5%, cinnamon, star anise 0.3%, allspice 0.1%. For the processing of the key points of control need to be noted that when the pot has dried soup, switch to fried pine and other slow fire. Yang Yang and others in the study of traditional Guangdong floss production process found that the baking dehydration rate of about 50% when the best rub loose effect, and the use of sub-balanced dehydration and other methods, that is, dried meat in the drying process of water Content changes, adjust and control the temperature of the dryer, can simplify the traditional floss production process, improve the quality of floss. Hu Meng-han, who proposed a computer vision and BP artificial neural network based on the rapid nondestructive testing method to quickly identify non-destructive floss and meat powder.
The complete Meat Floss Production Line includes meat cooking machine,meat frying pan,meat floss processing machine,meat floss packaging machine, which can be equipped with other machines according to customer's requirement.
The Working Process:
Raw materials: the cooked skinless, boneless fish meat
The first step: using DSJ wire drawing machine processing the cooked fish meat into thin strips.
The second step: using DNC rotary frying pan make into fish floss.
There are a variety of models of rotary frying pan ,please choose according to the output.