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Date Grinding Machine Sold to Oman

date grinding machine
Customer from Oman ordered one unit of Dates Grinding Machine from GELGOOG Machinery. Dates grinding machine is a kind of colloid grinder, this series of colloid mill can accord to users' special requirement offer the one multi-functional but idling type operation. The machine is sealed and has not kept in touch with the medium definitely. 
dates grinder machineThe industrial method to making date paste is soaking the dates with water for 12 hours, then cleaning with water. In the sandwich pot put 50 kg jujube plus 25 kg of water, simmer for 2 hours, stirring 1 to 2 times, so jujube soft rot. With a diameter of 0.2 mm beater beating to remove the date core and jujube skin.
In order to prevent Zaopi mixed, should be placed on the nylon sieve to rub on the Zaopi.
Then, in the sandwich pot in the following proportion of ingredients: Zaoni 50 kg, 37.5 kg of white sugar, starch 3 kg, agar 0.15 kg, sugar sweet-scented osmanthus or rose sauce 2.25 kg.
Agar plus water 5 kg, heated fully dissolved filter back; starch water 4.5 kg, dissolved back-up; osmanthus add water 5 kg boiling filter back.) 
The syrup into the jujube in 0.25 ~ 0.3 MPa steam pressure, heating and concentration, stirring constantly.
When the pulp soluble solids reached 50%, add agar, starch slurry; solid to 55%, add osmanthus water, and continue to enrich for 10 minutes, you can stir the pan.
Keep the pulp temperature above 80 ℃ when filling, and pay attention not to pollute the pulp. Vacuum automatic sealing vacuum is 0.027 MPa. Jujube sauce cans into the boiling water for 30 minutes, quickly cooled to 37 ℃ below, dry the tank outside the water droplets.
For small business making date paste, we suggest this Multi-purpose Dates Grinding Machine for you. This machine is with wide application, which is perfect for processing peanut butter, seame tahini, almond butter, walnut paste, sunflower seed paste, fruit jam, tomato sauce, soybean milk, bone powder, etc.
Precautions for Operating Colloid Mill:
1, Connect the feed hopper or feed pipe, and the material outlet, or discharge pipe. Connect the cooling water pipe and drain pipe.
2,Iinstalled the power starter, coupled with the ammeter and light. Connected to the power supply, should be turned on to determine motor direction, from the feed inlet to see the direction should be clockwise.
3, Adjust the grinding gap, loosen the two handles (anti-clockwise twist) and then turn the adjustment ring clockwise, with one hand into the base side of the mouth of the motor rotating fan, when the rotating ring feel a little friction immediately stop. And then reverse the adjustment ring so that the gap is greater than the grinding plate alignment number, generally in the processing of materials to meet the requirements of the fineness of the circumstances, as far as possible grinding gap pin larger. This can make the grinding plate longer service life. And then tighten the handle clockwise to lock the adjustment ring, the grinding gap fixed.
4, Complete disinfection, cleaning the body.
5, Connect cooling water, start the colloid mill to be running immediately after the feeding into the grinding process. Empty vehicles can not run more than 15 seconds.
6, The processing materials should be removed quartz, broken glass, metal shavings mixed with hard material into the base, or into the mill will damage the dynamic and static grinding.