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GELGOOG® Multi-purpose Smoking Oven

smoker ovensmoking house
GELGOOG® smoke house include electric heating and steam heating two types. It can make smoked chicken, smoked duck, bacon, smoked tofu, sausages, meats and smoked salmon etc. Baking, drying, color molding. Smoked good color, taste better. Quality assurance, technical quality, easy to operate. After a nice smoked, food colored well, there is a smoky smell after smoked, not greasy feel, but also to achieve environmental effects, completely replaced the traditional smoked furnace method, saving the labor of workers, and to improve work efficiency, but also enhances the taste of food and elasticity. It is mainly used in some food processing factory, food shop, restaurant, etc. 
FUNCTIONS of Smoking Oven
This computer control smoke house is mainly make up by the furnace, heating system, circulating air system, smoked system and control system, etc..
1.Furnace:all the components and the outer wall of the furnace internal made of stainless steel, corrosionresistant. The products will be hanging in the trailer into the furnace body, close the door, cooking and other processing can be carried out by setting process parameters.
2. Cooking part of the heating system: the furnace interior design automatically generates the steam system heating furnace products directly. Steam output can be adjusted depending on the product. The furnace pressure does not allow more than 0. 08Mpa.
3. Circulating air system: the furnace at the top is equipped with two-speed electric fan, the amount of highpower and high winds to ensure Furnace heating, uniform temperature throughout, to ensure the quality of products is stable and reliable.
4. Smoked system:inner furnace have a fuming plate, can put sawdust or sugar on it, control the panel button fuming button, and adjust the time the smoke in uniform furnace smoked cooked products with smoke switch button time adjustment.
5. Control system:fully automatic electric/computer control part of the fumigation box using the advanced manmachine interface with a programmable controller, fully automatic control and monitoring of the various processes.Reliable operation and easy to operate, waterproof performance is good.