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Meat Floss Product Line|Pork Floss Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:150kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This machine can make pork floss, fish floss, chicken floss, mushrooms floss and other products,  is made of meat floss food or other food floss special equipment. all machinery for the stainless steel, not rust does not corrode, in line with food-grade health. 
make meat floss need three equipment, meat cooking machine → flat keel frying pan → meat  floss processing machines. finally you can match a packaging machine.
meat floss machine line
Working Process:
Raw materials: the cooked skinless, boneless fish meat
The First step: using DSJ wire drawing machine processing the cooked fish meat into thin strips.
The second step: using DNC rotary frying pan make into fish floss.
There are a variety of models of rotary frying pan ,please choose according to the output.

Technical Data

Machine name Model Meat Capacity Power Size Output
Wire drawing machine GG140 150kg/h 380V-0.75kw 560×420×820mm 150kg/h
Rotary frying pan1 GG-1000 35-40kg/2h 380V-1.5kw 980×980×1300mm 16kg/2h
Rotary frying pan2 GG-800 30-35kg/2h 380V-0.55kw 850×800×1200mm 14kg/2h
Rotary frying pan3 GG-600 25-30kg/2h 380V-0.37kw 742×693×1200mm 10kg/2h



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