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The Ideal Solution for Instant Noodle Processing

In April 2022, based on the instant noodle processing solution, GELGOOG helped the digital food factory built by UA Company in Nigeria to be officially put into production after completing the equipment debugging.
In the video feedback from UA Company, it can be seen that in the instant noodle production workshop, the automatic instant noodle production line equipment is producing in an orderly manner. "This is our instant noodle production line. The complete set of equipment is a new model imported from China. It has a high degree of automation, easy operation, high production efficiency and stable performance. The quality and taste of the instant noodles produced are excellent." The technical engineer of UA company introduced Said that the instant noodle production line is a production line introduced by UA company with complex technology and high equipment requirements. In order to ensure the stable operation of the production line, the installation and commissioning of the equipment are all given by GELGOOG. The whole process of technical guidance, kneading, forming, cooking, cutting, frying, cooling and other processing equipment.
instant noodle processing line
UA attaches great importance to sustainable development, international food security and empowering local farmers, with an international team of growers, consultants, scientists and agricultural economists, mainly for rice, wheat, sugarcane and palm oil in sub-Saharan Africa cultivation, processing, distribution and trade. In recent years, on the basis of steady business growth, UA has begun to focus on the field of snack food for young people.
instant noodle production machine for sale
When the general manager of UA company contacted GELGOOG, he said that this project is a brand-new field, and it is only in the conception stage. There is no workshop and no understanding of the processing technology. Combining its own advantages in international trade, GELGOOG provides detailed market analysis, plant layout drawings and water and electricity design drawings for customer ideas, and gradually improves production solutions based on output requirements. By regularly showing the factory, detailed pictures of the scheme and related successful case videos, the confidence in the cooperation between UA and GELGOOG is strengthened.
"The cooperation with GELGOOG this time has been successful. In the next step, we will continue to carry out exchanges and cooperation in multiple fields, carry out production and operation in strict accordance with the standards, and strive to provide more customers with 'nutritious, delicious and safe' snack food. ” said the general manager of UA.