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Customized Industrial Cupcakes Production Lines

Cake is a diverse and classic product that delights consumers, and its variety makes it a good choice to adapt to changing tastes. We follow consumer trends in the cake industry and assist you throughout the production process.
The materials of the cake production line solution meet the food safety requirements. The electronic components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad. They are arranged and combined through intelligent modular design. The shape of the mold baking tray changes to produce cakes of different shapes.
This solution for automatic industrial cupcakes production line designed and developed according to different product requirements, with customized capaties. It has the characteristics of stable operation, large baking volume, good product taste and long shelf life.

cupcakes production line
Advantages of GELGOOG Cupcakes Production Line:

★ Low consumption and high output
This scheme has high degree of automation, stable operation and large baking capacity. Various energy-saving measures are taken to minimize energy consumption in the production process.
★Standard production
High degree of automation, accurate quantification, uniform size of cake products.
★Good taste of finished cakes
According to the dynamic design of the pastry process, the density, taste, elasticity and other indicators of cake products are ensured, so that the quality of cake products is better than manual production on a unified basis.
★Multiple use
It can not only produce heart-filled egg yolk pie cakes, but also cupcakes and sliced cakes. It can also produce cakes of different shapes according to the shape of the mold baking pan.