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Chin Chin Making Line|Automatic Chin Chin Making Frying Line|Chin Chin Production Line On Sale

Chin chin frying line detail
This Snack Making machine can be used to produce many kinds of snacks,such as Nigerian Chin Chin,Chinese rice strips and so on.The width and length,thickness can be adjusted and the shapes can be changeed through the change of different molds.The Nigerian Chin Chin Making Machine is small but high output,cheap but durable.
Raw materials:Fried wheat flour crackers/sticks processing line can take wheat flour as materials, with crispy tasteand lively shape, This line is designed according to market demand.
Products shapes:Variety shapes are available such as ball, tube, stick, ring, bugle by adjusting the mould in the extruder.
chin chin frying line
Process of frying chin chin  production line:
Mixer --compound sheeting machine --conveyor-- continues automatic fryer --flavoring machine --packing machine
Chin chin processing line features: 
1.Main material  of  production line is stainless steel 304  
2.Speed adjustable
3.Machinery: Frying machine, Deoiling machine, Conveyor, Sealing machine
4.Capacity: This line is 100KG/Hour, if you need other capacity,please contact with us 
5.Heating type: Electric and gas