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Banana Chips Flavoring Machine|Potato Chips Flavoring Machine

 Potato chips flavoring machine introduce:
Seasoning machine is suitable for food processing enterprises, for potato chips, chips, fruit crisps, peanuts, beans and other snack foods mix seasoning.Octagonal fried food seasoning machine is easy to operate, high yield, spices evenly, automatically out of material, made of stainless steel, can be any food seasoning, spices. Is currently the most advanced food seasoning equipment.This equipment has the Angle type seasoning cylinder, automatic control of speed and the capacity of the materials, continuity flavor suitable for assembly line.Equipped with spiral feeding device, and can be independent while dusting stirring, make the seasoning will not occur due to the different proportion, returned to the halogen, formation of sedimentary, bonding, canopies, empty.Equipped with powder, stir evenly, quantitative accuracy.

chips flavoring machine
Structure of the flavoring machine:
The device consists of stents, roller, roller transmission system, dusting system, dusting of transmission system, board and other major parts.
Drum flavour machine is used for coating of the nuts, chips etc. with the salt and flavours. With rotating and gravitational force the machine can work in running line for flavoring of the product.
The machines consists of feeding tank, filler of flavours/salt with adjusting system, vibration module, mixing tank, trays, frame of the machine, drive unit, control panel.
Working principle is based on stocking of the flavours on the surface of the product while mixing of the product and filled flavours/salt in tunnel type tank. The machine is made of stainless steel AISI304 as standard.

drum chips flavouring machine
Features of the flavoring machine: 
1.Easy to operate and can avoid the damage of food.
2.The oil spraying amount can be adjusted by automatic discharging.
3.It is designed to avoid the disadvantages of ball seasoning machine which cann't not turn the raw materials efficiently.  
4.Automatic lean to output the material.
5.Stable operation, low noise and simple compact structure