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Automatic Banana Chips Frying Line|Banana Chips Frying Line|Fried Banana Chips Line

banana chips frying line Product Details
1.It can cut leaf vegetables like scallion,pepper, garlic,leek,celery,Chinese cabbage,spinage,and  lettuce etc.and fruits (banana, apple, pear,ect) into slice or slice shape. 
2.It can cut root vegetables like carrot, oinon,bamboo shoots,egg plant,potatoes, etc.into strip or slice shape by changing the blades.    
3.The speed of belt and blade is controlled by an inverter accurately, to cut the size you want.
4.The speed of knife and belt can be adjusted by inverter accurately and the cutting size can meet with your need in the range of 1-60mm.
5.Application:suitable for kitchens of restaurant or vegetable retailer and food
banana chips frying line
Process of frying banana chips production line
Banana Chips is one kind of snack processed from fresh banana after slicing, frying and flavoring.It keeps the special delicious flavor of roasted banana on one respect and has the characteristics of rich nutrition, delicious, convenient and so on, thus won the flavor of the consumers.
Process of frying banana chips production:Banana peeling  -- Slicing banana into banana slices -- Banana slices frying -- Banana chips oil removing -- Banana chips seasoning -- Banana chips packing
Characteristic and advantages:
1.The machine manual feeding, 0.7 to 1.0 seconds to complete the work of a banana peel.
2.Machine peeled clean, peel the banana pulp sleek no damage.
3.The machine high output 300-500kg/h.
4.It adapted to any size camber green banana peeling .
5.Peeled banana flesh after the separation, automatic output
Features of the banana chips production line:
1.Full automatically control, save labor cost;
2.All the machines are made of SS 304 to make sure the best quality ;
3.All the electric parts are well know brands in the world.
4.Professional sales service,make sure you buy the best proper machines ; 
5.Professional after sales service,make sure you use the machines without worries ;