Ice Cream Cones Maker Machine With 4 Cones Sold to South Korea

By:Katherine     Date:2017-05-23

ice cream cones maker

One customer from South Korea ordered 2 units of Ice cream cones maker machine, each with 4 moulds. Customer ordered this machine for commercial business use. This small ice cream cones maker machine with 4 cones is simple and easy to operate, using flour as batter, to produce beautiful and edible ice cream cones with different shapes and sizes.

Features of GELGOOG ice cream cones maker machine:
Structure: The spare parts of machine are installed on the strong steel structures. The doors are double for heat insu-lation. All the panels are made with stainless steel.
Equipment performance: This baking equipment is rotating continuously and automatically. The speed can be adjusted as required. The machine is driven by one motor with direct traction.
Molds: The baking plates are made with high-qualified ductile cast iron.
Batter pump: It pumps the batter automatically from the batter tank and sprays on the baking plates to bake. The batter quantity can be adjusted to make products with different sizes.
Gas system: It is heating with gas (nature gas or liquid gas). After pressing the ignition button,  burner will be on fire automatically, the fire can be adjusted as required.
Operation panel: The baking equipment is set ,adjusted and controlled by the easy-operated button or modernized PLC controller.

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