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Introduction Of Semi-automatic Crisp Ice Cream Cones Making Machine

Semi-automatic crips ice cream cone making machine is designed to make waffle cones, sugar cones, waffle rolls, pizzelle or waffle cookies etc.  It offers cones to the next process to be filled with ice cream, and it is the main device for preparing various cones for cake rooms, bakeshops, cafés, and other snack food industry.

Introduction of the waffle cone making machine:
1.This semi automatic crisp ice cream cone making machine suitable for industrial ice cream cone maker. Suit for bakery equipment,western food shop equipment,drinks shop equipment,Chinese food shop equipment,leisure food factory equipment.
2.The flour is the base material for this machine,with appropriate condiments,then add water and stir then into the batter,adding quantitatively into the mould,by heating puffing,it becomes edible and attractive appearance of the containers,commonly known as “egg tray”.
waffle cone making machine
Features of the ice cream making machine:
☆ The machine consists of 12 single-baking machine components,automatic cutting,the machine automatically after mature cone cake.
☆ One person operation,convenient and practical. High quality electrical components,temperature control thermostat using Promise,
☆ Temperature freely. Cone cake beautiful appearance,entrance crisp,making simple low investment and high return.


This ice cream cones making machine is to make waffle cones and sugar cones. Working flow of making cones: Automatic filling -  Automatic baking - Manual picking - Rolling. Customized solutions according to your plant size, production plan, market expansion and other needs. GELGOOG is your food company ice cream cones production plan and spring roll recipe consultant, which can provide various equipment for cones production, including wafer cone making machine, semi-automatic and automatic sugar cone making machine, mini chocolate cone production line, etc.