Potato Plantain Chips Flavoring Machine|Namkeen Seasoning Machine

Material: All kinds of snacks,chips,namkeen,puffed food

Capacity: 200-600kg/h,can be customized

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


It's a drum type flavoring machine or seasoning machine,suitable for all kinds of snacks flavor, banana chips, potato chips, peanuts, green beans, crispy rice, biscuit, etc

Potato Plantain Chips Flavoring Machine is a kind of drum type flavoring machine, also a continuous seasoning machine, suitable for food seasoning in the food production process. The equipment consists of a base frame system, rotary drum system, powder feeding device, transmission system and rotation speed control system etc. It can be used to process potato chips, plantain chips, flavored peanut, namkeen, puffed food, green beans, biscuit, cookie, etc.
Powder feeding system can adjust the powder amount, when sprinkled powder, Automatic mixing make seasoning not happen due to the different proportion of precipitation.
potato chips flavoring machine
Working process of potato banana chips flavoring machine:
1, Equipment connected to power,powder loading powder inside.
2, Start the drum seasoning machine motor, so that the normal operation of the drum, turning in the right direction.
3, Raw material conveying in the drum, start dusting motor, adjust speed of dusting.
4, Watch the raw material mix with seasoning powder, can be appropriately adjust the Angle of rolle.
5, Check the operation parts to determine the normal operation can work.

Model power Output Size
GG-2S 0.75kw 200-250kg/h 1500*650*1500mm
GG-3S 1.5kw 400-600kg/h 2000*800*1700mm

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