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Automatic Fresh Noodles Making|Commercial Noodles Making Machine

The automatic noodle making machine combines many years of traditional mode and modern technology to realize the automation of production,advanced structure,convenient operation,safe and durable,low noise,high work efficiency,beautiful appearance and saving labor.from flour mixing to noodle packaging,and the machine is automatically completed.The main working processes of the noodle making machine are: flour mixing system,pressing system,forming system,cutting system,suspension system,drying system,cutting system and packaging system.It can be used to produce noodles of different shapes and sizes. Our machine has 6 rollers,7 rollers and 8 rollers.And we can according to your need to customize different machines for you,and the body material is 304 edible stainless steel,safe and convenient,easy to clean.
dry noodles making machine
The advantage of commercial noodles making machine:
Fresh noodles making machine is compact in structure.It adopts full gear transmission.It occupies less space and is easy to operate.
Automatic upper rod, automatic cutting, saving time and effort.
Contact with flour parts,mostly made of stainless steel or specially surface treated.
Meet the requirements of national health standards.
fresh noodles making machine
Performance characteristics and advantages of the fresh noodles making machine:
1.Automatic conveying,automatic section,automatic upper rod,one-time forming.
2.The surface pressed out by the machine is even and smooth,which ensures a good quality of the dough.
3.Multiple sets of rolling, roller drawing,uniform feeding,neat panels.
4.Using gear transmission,stable operation,safe and reliable.
5.Using automatic picking system,high efficiency,good quality.
6.The transmission adopts reducer and chain,the whole machine is properly laid out,the rolling ratio is reasonable,the transmission is stable, the transmission force is accurate and efficient, the noise is small,no vibration,and the power consumption is greatly reduced.
7.Save human resources and complete it by one person.
8.Safe operation, sanitary cleaning.