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Grinding Cocoa Cake to Cocoa Powder Machine

Cocoa powder is grinded from cocoa oil cake. The roasting cocoa beans will be firstly grinded into cocoa butter. And then using a hydradulic oil press to press oil from cocoa paste, while left the cocoa oil cake. The cocoa oil cake will be put into a powdering machine to get the final cocoa powder.
What kind of machine can be used for grinding cocoa cake into cocoa powder? Today GELGOOG will show you this stainless steel cocoa powder grinding machine. This powder grinding machine is multi-functional for processing various kinds of products, widely used in different industries, and mainly used in chemical materials, Chinese herbal medicines with roots, branches and block-like materials, a variety of oil content is not high food, grains and other hard, brittle materials. The powder grinding machine uses the relative high speed operation between the movable gear plate and the fixed tooth plate, so that the crushed material is pulverized by the impact of the tooth plate, the friction and the material collide with each other.

cocoa powder grinding machine
The size of the finished particle is determined by changing the mesh with different mesh sizes. The structure of this powder grinding machine is simple, strong, smooth operation, crushing materials fast, uniform, and good effect.
The machine is made of stainless steel, the inside of the chassis (crushing groove) all the cave by precision machining to achieve smooth surface, easy to clean, change the ordinary grinder wall rough, easy to powder, difficult to clean up the phenomenon, so that food, Pharmaceuticals, chemical and other production more in line with national standards, to meet the health requirements of GMP.
cocoa powdering machine