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Chicken Feet Skin Peeling Machine Line

The complete chicken feet skin peeling machine line is consisted of conveyor, blanching machine, elevator, peeling machine, picking machine, spiral pre-cooling machine, drying machine, and packaging machine.
chicken feet skin peeling machine
1. Blanching machine: The effects of blanching are rapid antivirus, suppression enzyme color protection and timely dehydration.The complete blanching machine is with 304 stainless steel design, automatic temperature and speed control, smooth operation, the temperature can be automatically controlled at 98°C.
If the raw material is fresh chicken feet, blanching before peeling, softening the yellow skin by heating, which can save the time to improve the yield.
If the raw material is quick-frozen chicken feet, after thawing, it need to be soaked in 30 degrees Celsius warm water for 4 hours, then blanching and peeling.
2. Chicken feet peeling machine: It is mainly used to peel the yellow skin of chicken feet.Capacities range from 500kg/h to 2000kg/h. The complete chicken feet peeling machine is easy to operate, high yield, peeling clean, chicken peeling machine peeling rate of up to 98% or more, made of stainless steel, is currently the most advanced chicken feet peeling machine.
3. The spiral pre-cooling machine: After peeling, spiral pre-cooling machine for broiler or duck carcass before the partition of the cooling work to achieve the purpose of deacidification, and detoxification. The spiral propulsion system is to make the chicken carcass cooling more uniform, and the pre-cooling time can be designed according to customer requirements.
4. Drying Machine: This machine is made of stainless steel, in addition to the function of dehydration in addition to grease, scale and other effects. And the machine technical performance is stable, high efficiency.
5. Packaging machine: According to customer's requirement, GELGOOG can offer vacuum packaging machine for packaging the processed chicken feet. After vacuum packaging, the food can be antioxidant, so as to achieve long-term preservation.
GELGOOG offer the complete chicken feet skin processing line, from blanching to the final packaging one stop shop. For any question, please feel free to contact us at or WhatsApp: +8618537181190