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Automatic Chicken Feet Peeling Line For Sale

chicken feet peeling line
The automatic chicken feet peeling line is working very well on peeling chicken feet and without damage, easy to operate,with high peeling clean rate, and high yield. The complete automatic chicken feet peeling production line includes chicken feet Blanching machine, chicken feet peeling machine, chicken feet cutting machine, Rinsing Machine, Pre-cooking Machine, Kneading and Seasoning Machine, Vacuum Packing Machine, etc. You can choose the machines you want. The capacities range from 500kg/h to 2tons per hour.
Main features of automatic chicken feet peeling line:
1.With good quality, it has a large working capacity. 
2.The peeling rate is higher, and it has no damage to the chicken feet. 
3. It’s an economic and applicative chicken feet processing equipment. 
4. We can customize according the customers’need.
The working process of chicken peet peeling:
1. Put the chicken paw on the conveyor and transport the chicken feet to the blanching machine
2. Blanching is a necessary part in processing the chicken feet, through disinfect and cook chicken feet, the chicken feet is easy to peeling and it also can protect its natural flavor from being broken.
3. Transport the chicken feet to the chicken feet peeling machine for peeling the skin via the conveyor.
4. The last step is also the core step is peeling, the chicken peeling machine can peeling the chicken feet skin and nail cleanly and there is no damage for the chicken feet.
5. Spiral type auto feet pre-cooling machine---used for cooling chickens, in order to achieve the purpose of detoxification.