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Multi-purpose Chips Slicing Machine|Chips Cutter Machine Video

This multi-purpose chips slicing machine is perfect for slicing potato, carrot, onion, green pepper, red chilli, turnip, taro, purple sweet potato, Lotus root, cassava, banana, apple, lemon, orange, Chinese yam, etc, capacity 100-1000kg/h.
The chips slicing machine is with reasonable in design, superior in performance, simple in operation, strong in adaptability, smooth and smooth processing of processed vegetables and fruits, well organized, and hand-cut effect.
This chips slicing machine manufactured by GELGOOG Company is with capacity 100-1000 kg per hour, and the finished slices are with uniform thickness, smooth, circle film can be adjusted thickness, no broken.
Maintenance of Chips slicing machine:
1. The machine must be placed in the level of the ground to ensure smooth and reliable operation before start it; Make sure the device plug contact is good, no loose, no water trace;
2. Check the rotating cylinder or conveyor belt on whether there is a foreign body, if any foreign body must be clean, so as not to cause damage to the tool;
3. Operate and adjust the machine according to the required processing of vegetables to choose cutting mode, centrifugal slicer for melon potato hard dish slices, vertical knife part of the leaves can be cut into the soft dishes or cut into different specifications of slices.