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Automatic Electric Chin Chin Cutter Machine

automatic chin chin cutter machine
This automatic chin chin cutter machine is mainly used to make Nigerian chin chin with different shapes and sizes. The width, length and thickness of the finished chin chin can be adjusted and the shapes can be changed through the change of different molds. The Automatic Electric Chin Chin Making Machine is small but high output, cheap but durable.
Advantage of Chin Chin Cutter Machine:
1. Dual-band feed, synchronous operation, thereby ensuring the dough degree from damage.
2. Automatically on the powder, is more uniform noodles.
3. Multi-level control, sub-files to suppress, proofing better.
4. Special cutting machine structure, cutting a more thorough, more standard size.
Whole Process:
Dough Mixer-Dough Sheet Pressing Machine-Chinchin Cutting Machine-Fryer-De-oiling Machine.
Chin Chin is a fried snack from West Africa and is nowadays very popular in many places around the world. It is a crunchy fried dough of wheat flour and some other baking ingredients. In West Africa, Chin Chin usually contains cowpeas flour, and ground nutmeg is often added for flavor. Some producers also created flavors including cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and chili pepper