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By:Katherine     Date:2017-03-31

half fried french fries machine
Half-fried french fries are simple to make and they're much healthier than traditional French Fries. They crisp up beautifully in just a matter of 2-3 minutes instead of soaking up all that greasy, fattening oil. They actually taste like real potatoes. Nowadays, many people like to buy half-fried french fries in the market, and then fry at home or own restaurant. Have you ever thought how is the half-fried french fries made? Check the details of half-fried french fries production line.

1. Cleaning and Peeling: With the help of hydraulic and spiral mechanism, the potatoes are cleaned. Peel: In order to improve production capacity and ensure product quality, should be used mechanical peel or chemical peel, peeled should prevent excessive peel, increase the consumption of raw materials, affecting product output.
2. Cutting: Peeled potatoes with water, wash away the surface of the potato paste and residue, and then use the conveyor belt into the slicer cut into pieces or pieces, the product thickness should meet the quality requirements. Generally, potato chips with thickness 1.5 ~ 2.0mm, and french fries with length 3mm or so.
3. Rinsing and Blanching: The purpose of rinsing is to wash away the surface of the starch, so as not to fry the product during the phenomenon of bonding or oil pollution. The purpose of blanching is to inactivate the enzymes in the potato strips (tablets) to prevent the production of enzymatic browning and affect the quality of the product. The method used in chemical methods and physical methods, chemical methods using chemical solution soaking; physical method that is used 85 ~ 90 ℃ hot water for blanching.
4. De-watering: The purpose of de-watering is to remove the excess water from the surface of the potatoes, thereby reducing the loss and decomposition of the oil during the frying process while maintaining the brittle potatoes. But should be careful to avoid excessive drying caused by sticky, usually using compressed air for drying.
5. Frying: Dried potatoes from the conveyor belt to be sent to frying equipment for frying, oil temperature control at 170 ~ 180 ℃, frying time l minute or so.
6. Frozen: fried products after pre-cooling into the quick-freezing machine quick-frozen, quick-freezing temperature control in -36 ℃ below to ensure that the center temperature of potato products in 18min down to -18 ℃ below.
7. Packaging and Storage: The finished product after frozen should be quickly bagging and packaging, and then storage at -18 ℃ freezer.

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