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Automatic Chin Chin Cutting Machine For Commercial Use

Automatic chin chin cutting machine is the main machine to make Nigerian chin chin. It can be equipped with chin chin production line (dough mixer, dough press, chin chin frying machine, chin chin packaging machine, etc). This automatic chin chin making machine is used for pressing and cutting paste into small pieces, the thickness and size of finished product can be adjusted.
chin chin cutting machine
Working Principle for Automatic Chin Chin Cutting Machine:
Firstly, simply shaping the dough, and then put it into the machine, through pressing of dough roller to press into certain thickness dough sheet, and the the mold knife can cut the dough into certain shapes chin chin, which have the same size in length, width, thickness.
This machine uses imitation of manual operation but better than manual products. What’s more,the dough will not stick the 
knife, forming good and no scrap. In addition,the mold knives can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. This machine is simple in design and convenience to maintenance, one worker can 
chin chin making machine