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Best Appliance For Making Banana Chips

banana chips making machine
What is the Best Appliance For Making Banana Chips? The complete banana chips making machines consist of Banana slicing machine, banana chips blanching machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine, packaging machine,etc.

banana slicing machineBanana slicing machine is specially designed to make banana slices. Vertical feeding ensures sliced bananas round and neat. Two feeding throats fasten slicing speed. Concealed cutters and slicers have high safety and security in banana slicing process. This banana chips slicing machine can run smoothly without few operating problems. What you need to do is to place peeled bananas into the feeding throat and wait round and neat sliced banana chips coming out. These cutting knives inside rotates in high speed and bananas will automatically fall for its gravity.

blanching machineBanana chips blanching machine: Blanching is a cooking process during food processing. Four function for blanching food, one is to soften it, two is partly or fully cook it, three is to remove strong strange taste, four is blanched to keep its original attractive color. Banana chips blanching machine is set behind banana chips cutting machine to pre-cook banana slices in banana chips processing line. There are 4 models which can meet your requirement on yield. You can call this machine almond blanching machine, or meat blanching machine based on the material it can process. 

de-watering machineThe centrifugal banana chips drying machine(dewatering machine) is equipped with shockproof system so as to prevent the machine from shaking; based on the centrifugal theory and installed electromagnetic brake, the digital control make sure the machine work fast, safely, functional and environmentally. The machine is made of stainless steel which make sure the high quality. Drying machine is used for removing the surface water from the slices, strips, dices of the cleaned or soaked fruits and vegetables like potato, sweet potato, cucumber, apples, bananas etc.

chips fryer machineThis banana chips fryer machine is equipped with over-temperature protection device, more safe than other equipment, designed not only for frying banana chips, , but also suitable for frying nuts, broad bean, cashew nuts, peanuts, french fries, potato chips and puffed food, rice crust etc.Uses advanced oil water separation technology, which can save oil 50%, save power 40%.

chips deoiling machineBanana chips de-oiling machine, a kind of fried food de oiling machine, adopts the anti-shock system, ensuring this device not shake during dewatering process. Using centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel, it is currently the most advanced vegetable dehydration equipment. De-oiled banana chips are more crisp and tasty, enjoys long shelf life and bright color.Plays an important part in banana chips production line.

chips flavoring machineOctagonal banana slices seasoning machine, also named powder mixing machine is a kind of machine mixing a variety of materials together through rotating stirring, suitable for powdering or mixing material for lump, flake, granular food during production process. Here this seasoning machine is used for adding flavors to banana chips/slices. Design and manufacture based on the characteristics of the shape of Fried food, there are disc type and octagonal two forms, is special equipment for Fried food flavoring, mixing materials, which is currently advanced Fried food seasoning and equipment.