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Video of 3d Automatic French Fries Machine-

3D video of Automatic french fries making machine. When the french fries machine is working, the potato into the hopper, composed of rotary dial plate materials of groove guide material rotate along the shell wall, installed on the shell wall of the cutter cut vegetables into strips, cut chips from discharging cover. The process flow of automatic french fries machine line:
Conveyor 1 →Washing and peeling machine → Picking line → Cutting machine → Conveyor 2 →Blanching line →Vibrating dewater machine→ Drying line → Continuous frying machine →Vibrating deoil machine →Air cooling line machine→ Fluidized quick-freeze machine →Refrigeration system →Packing machine

Working process of Automatic French Fries Production Line
1. Cleaning peeling machine: Use brush potato cleaning peeling machine finish the work of cleaning and peeling. High efficiency, low loss.
2. Finger chips cutting machine: Cutting size can adjust at will.
3. Blanching machine: To rinse the cut potato strips, protect color.
4. Dewatering machine: Adopts the centrifugal dehydration, which can greatly shorten the the frying time, improve the French fries taste, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost of production.
5. French Fries Fryer: Adopts water and oil mixture technology, the water below collect residues, oil in the upper heating french fries, greatly extend the service life of the oil, reduce the cost.
6. Deoiling machine: centrifugal deoiling machine will remove surface oil from fried food, low the oil content and greasy mouth, improve the taste of French fries.
7. Automatic flavoring machine: Single drum flavoring machine adopts stainless steel material. French fries turn evenly inside the drum, seasoning evenly not easily broken.
French Fries Business Plan – Executive Summary
GELGOOG French Fries Making Machine is designed and manufacutured by key technical personnel, all with 304 stainless steel design. The french fries machine set has been sold to Egypt, Sudan, Romania Nigeria, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, the United States, etc.