Video of Hot Sale Automatic French Fries Vending Machine

By:Katherine     Date:2019-03-08

The main advantages of French Fries Vending Machine:

★☆★ Large visible glass window
Glass window design of human, large area display, LED lighting, easy to choose easy to browse, easy shopping and consumption.
★☆★ Stable shipping system
Accurate voltage speed, so that cargo road uniform rotation, smooth shipments.
★☆★Glass window heating system
Glass doors with double insulating glass, strong sealing. Door frame heating bars electricity heating, evaporation of glass on the door of the condensation.
★☆★ Local Management System
Machine local management background modular design, easy to centralized management, maintenance, simple and convenient.
★☆★ Payment system
Coin recognition system in line with international standards of the MDB interface coin, paper money and coin denomination motor, high recognition rate, to ensure the normal trading of the purchase price.
★☆★ CFC-free refrigeration system
Fluorine-free refrigeration machine, clean and environmentally friendly, a significant reduction of the machine on the environment pollution; continuous cooling capacity, a significant refrigeration effect.
 ★☆★ Noise reduction function
Reduce operating noise, reduce machine interference to the outside world, environmental adaptability.

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