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220V Commercial Egg Tart Shell Machine For Sale

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:1500-1800pc/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


GELGOOG provides a complete set of egg tart shell machine for every food company in demand, and a professional design team can fully meet the customization needs. The egg tart shell machine is developed and produced according to the market needs, which can produce Portuguese egg tarts, desktop egg tarts, Nasu egg tarts, Cantonese egg tarts and various fancy egg tarts.
egg tart shell machine for sale
Features of Commercial egg tart shell machine:
☆ PLC program control, the production capacity is about 1500-1800 per hour.
☆ The use of human-machine interface touch panel, easy to operate.
☆ The mold is easy to replace, suitable for a variety of styles of production, and has a wide range of uses.
☆  It can be matched with automatic feeding, automatic cup feeding with this machine, and rapid forming production line operation.
☆ The egg tart shell machine is suitable for mass production, saving labor and reducing personnel costs.


Egg tarts are a very common pastry and a favorite snack. When it is formed, the cutted dough is placed in the egg tart mold for pressing and molding. The thickness of the edge is uniform. After pressing, the egg tart mold is as flat as before. It is very popular among customers. The entire production process requires manual participation, and that will inevitably lead to large labor costs; products have artificial pollution and inconsistent product quality standards. With the development of automation, various industries are developing towards the automation industry, so the automatic processing and production of egg tarts is also inevitable. 
commercial egg tart shell machine
The egg tart shell machine developed by GELGOOG company includes providing customized solutions for bakery food processing companies. This machine is mainly used in food processing factories and catering, which is labor saving and high efficiency. Any needs, please feel free to contact Email or Wechat/WhatsApp +8618537181190

Technical Data

Model GG-A303 GG-A303-1
capacity(pc/hour) 1500-1800 1500~1800
Working range (diameter) 40~90mm 40~90mm
rated power(KW) 0.5 0.5
Rated voltage(V) 220 220
Rated frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60
Dimension(MM) 840*800*1300 840*690*1500
weight(KW) 120 130



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