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Automatic Chin Chin Dough Mixer Machine|Dough Kneading Equipment

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:400KG/H
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


The dough mixer machine is one of the main equipments for pastry processing. It is mainly used to mix wheat flour and water in a ratio of 1:0.4-0.45 according to the user's processing technology requirements (sometimes with cooking oil, sugar and other foods and food additives). Dough into dough, can also be used for mixing and mixing of other similar materials.
chin chin mixer machine

Meatures of the dough kneading machine:This dough kneading machine is with the characteristics of strong adaptability,compact structure,good sealing, uniform surface, convenient surface, low power consumption and low noise. Widely used in hotels, hotels, food processing plants and other food units.
1. The four feet of the machine should be leveled to reduce vibration; connect the ground wire at the bottom of the rack (equal potential terminal) to prevent danger of leakage.
2. Check if the fasteners are loose and check if the power cord switch is intact.
3. Add an appropriate amount of lubricant to the gear.
4. Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to each oil hole or oil cup 
5. Turn on the power and check the direction of rotation. (The agitator turns back)
6. The operation should be stable, no abnormal noise.
7. Review the solid parts after 5 minutes of empty running, and then work.

This machine can be used together with Chin Chin Cutter Machine
chin chin cutter machine

Technical Data

Model GGMH50S
Capacity 400KG/H
Power 2.2KW
Size 1010*545*1080MM
Weight 180KG
Voltage 380/50Hz



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