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Wafer Biscuit Processing Line in Canada

wafer biscuit processing line
Canadian customer inquiried about our wafer biscuit production line several months ago. We are now in customer's factory for after sale installation,Montréal,Canada.

Wafer biscuit is one of the most popular biscuits, which imported from abroad to China, and has been one of rapid development of a leisure food in this 10 years. Between the porous structure of the sheet cake and pie slices, sandwich fillings multilayer sandwich crackers having an inlet facilitation features.
Due to production techniques are usually the introduction of foreign equipment in the domestic operations management, there are some minor problems. However, although a higher degree of automation biscuit production, but in the production process caused by physical, chemical and microbial contamination can still be affected by various factors. To ensure the quality of health products, we must take preventive control.
Usually saltine crackers production process for the processing of raw materials baking → fight paste stuffed freezer cooling → inspection dicedInspection → product packaging.
Accidents mainly produce quality deviation analysis are: not completely dissolved in the preparation of colored particles wafer sandwich, because the toner. Excessive mold, freezer reasons not thoroughly clean. The total number of colonies exceeded, because the color of water stored improperly, tools and cleaning supplies sterilization is not complete. E. coli exceeded, the reasons do not strict personal hygiene disinfection. Excessive moisture. The air humidity is too large.
wafer biscuit
To solve these problems, enterprises should make reasonable biscuit production revolution in production processes and more attention. Preservatives and physical indicators by the production technology to control, these are the companies themselves can control. The microbiological contamination has become a bottleneck in the production of biscuits made about the development of enterprises.
First, the quality of raw materials, such as flour, dairy products, syrup, eggs, salmonella, coliform bacteria, aflatoxin contamination. The second is due to improper storage conditions unsanitary storage of raw materials during or sampling methods. Third, in the blending process to obtain the ratio of raw materials need to be different formulations of weighing by hand, workers hand unsanitary. Fourth, the molding machine (die roll) the cleaning effect, the degree of exposure to clean air. Fifth, the baking temperature control, such as coliform bacteria can be killed in the conditions of 75 ℃ 1 min. Sixth, the cooling time is too long or microbial air temperature is too large due to secondary pollution. Seven is the packaging process manual
Laying, hand-selected, sealing lax, it is the key to control of microbial packaging materials, packaging environment.
Based on the above said, cleaning up the environment, and control of health workers is a fundamental measure to reduce microbial contamination. Experiments confirmed by a number of companies, GELGOOG Wafer Biscuit Production Line uses a sterilized way of human-computer sync with the field, the complete destruction of airborne mold, bacteria, when for the disinfection of air disinfection without leaving spaces, employees also can eliminate body hair bacteria, microorganisms in the air to prevent secondary contamination of food, biscuit can be used for the production of storage, cooling, packaging process