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HD Video For Making Prawn Crackers

Prawn or Shrimp Cracker is a popular snack in parts of Southeast and East Asia.Prawn crackers or shrimp puffs are a common snack food throughout Southeast Asia, but most closely associated with Indonesia and Malaysia. These are called krupuk udang in Indonesian, prawn crackers in British English and shrimp chips or shrimp crackers in American English. They are known as kroepoek (old Indonesian spelling for krupuk, based on Dutch spelling rules) in Dutch, Krabbenchips (crab chips) in German, chips à la crevette in French and nuvole di drago (dragon clouds) in Italian.
To make shrimp cracker is easy with this New Design Commercial Hot Sale Shrimp Cracker|Prawn Cracker| Krupuk udang Product Line
The total prawn cracker production line is composed of mixer, extruder, shaping machine and cutting machine.
It can make shrimp crackers, prawn crackers made from corn starch, shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more.