Commercial Egg Tart Forming Machine Sold to USA

By:Katherine     Date:2018-06-25

tart press machine
This commercial egg tart press machine is widely used to make egg tart shell in restaurant, snack shop or supermarket. The main features of egg tart press machine Imported schneider PLC control, forming by pneumatic pressure, turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel. This commercial egg tart press machine can molding cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc. The mold can customized according to customer requirements.There are three models egg tart shell forming machine, with capacity 28pcs/min,36pcs/min,and 48pcs/min, to meet the needs of different clients in product structure and performance.
Customer from US ordered one unit of Egg Tart Press Machine from GELGOOG Company. Customer wants to try one at first time, and if everything does well, customer wants to buy more. This egg tart shell machine is perfect for customer to use to produce 15000 to  50000 pcs/ day (6 hours).
egg tart machine
The egg tart (commonly romanized as daahn tāat (Cantonese Yale: daan6 taat1), dàn tǎ (Mandarin), or dan tat) is a kind of custard tart found in Hong Kong, Portugal, Brazil, Britain, and various Asian countries, which consists of an outer pastry crust and is filled with egg custard and baked. Today, custard tarts are usually made from short crust pastry, eggs, sugar, milk or cream, and vanilla, sprinkled with nutmeg and baked.

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