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Prawn Cracker Making Machinery in Nepal

prawn cracker
Quantity: 1 total produciton line
Certificate: CE
Place: Nepal

Prawn Cracker, also known as prawn pieces,prawn chips or shrimp chips, traditional production methods with shrimp juice plus starch made. Such as shrimp with potato production, its products are unique, but also very popular with people welcome.
Shrimp potato production in two ways, one is to use potato flour instead of 10 - 20% starch, the same production process with traditional methods, shrimp after adding flour to improve the nutritional value and the degree of expansion of shrimp . Another method is to use fresh potatoes through a series of processes similar to those made of shrimp products, called shrimp chips.
The production process of making shrimp cracker: Choice of materials → Cleaning → Peeling and slicing → Washing (color protection) → Boiling → Drying → Plastic packed products.
Choice of materials, cleaning shrimp, peeled potato chips produced raw materials should be no worms, no mildew, no germination, no loss of water to soften. Rinse after selecting the raw material clean, wash the potato skin removed. The method can be peeled by hand, peeled, peeled or lye scalding or chemical peeling agents can be peeled. Peeled potato on the water immediately after cleaning residual lye or chemical peeling agents, and to prevent exposure to the air, resulting in browning.
The tuber is cut into slices peeled rinse after 0.2 cm thick pieces. Available slicer slices or sliced ​​by hand can be. Cut a small potato chips immediately on the water or liquid color protection, welling up and down, the free starch and potato chips on a small stick solanine containing prime wash.
Boiling water is poured into the chips will be soaked in boiling water pot (stainless steel pan, make sure the color chips), boiling 3--4 minutes, when cooked but not rotten potato chips reached quickly remove and place in cold water , stirring gently flip and let cool thoroughly chips as soon as possible, and to slip the net, sticky foam chips and other objects on separate chips so sticky.
Cool thoroughly drying will remove chips, after pouring dry water were dry. Drying the easiest way to use the sun ted, the chips placed in a single layer on the mat, when the semi-dry chips, potato chips shaping process. Ted repeatedly, until dry, Serve shrimp chips. For long-term storage of potato chips shrimp, in the course of the sun, according to the proportion of 0.2% by weight of potato chips, with some mildew preservative sorbic acid or benzoic acid benzoic acid solution, dip the sun, and then dried. According to the size of potato chips, grading and packaging, dry and ventilated place to save, you can go on sale.