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Automatic Lettuce & Vegetable Washing Machine

lettuce vegetable washing machine
Automatic Lettuce & Vegetable Washing Machine is mainly used to clean fruit and vegetables. It is made of good quality SUS304,durable and easy to clean, which can also be equipped with ozone reactor for sterilization and disinfection according to customers special requirement.
1.This kind of vegetable washing machine adopts the cleaning principle of high pressure bubble,it has the advantages of high cleaning ability,high washing rate and no damage to the material.
2. It is equiped with spraying section in order to wash the material thoroughly,the material is automaticly conveyed to spraying section by conveyor mesh belt.
3. Use of three cleaning combinations, i.e. air bubble, cycle surfing, high pressure spray, to ensure that vegetables or fruits get a full range of thorough cleansing. 
4. It is suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables,stem vegetables and fruits, like cabbage, spinach, lettuce, pepper, chive, mushrroccoli,carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes,apples, pears, crabapple root-stock, fish, shrimp,etc. This automatic lettuce and vegetable washing machine is proper for these kinds of vegetable, fruit, sea food and other pellets, leaf, tubers products washing, soak, sterilize, color fixing and so on.