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Full Automatic Sugar Cubes Making Machine Sold to Nigeria

Customers from Nigeria ordered one set of full automatic sugar cubes making machine from GELGOOG Company. Customers own their factory for processing sugar cubes with capacity 100kilograms per hour. The full automatic sugar cubes making machine is a kind of cube sugar machine that can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting, and is mainly applied in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes.
sugar cubes making machine
Sugar is poured into the bottom silo first then it is poured to the top silo via the coil and goes to the moisturizer mixer. From there it moves to the filling mixer. The length and weight of sugar is set automatically. After the press is applied to the sugar, it drops to the conveyor belt where it is moved first to the dryer tunnel and then to the cooler. By means of automatic robot, box feeder and box closing units the product is prepared untouched. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and pricing about this machine.
cube sugar making machine
GELGOOG offer high quality sales and after sales services. We arrange engineer to install and test the machine for customers. The finished sugar cubes are with two specifications of 16×16×13mm and 16×16×15mm. The equipment is applied in the briquetting of sugar particles with less than 19% water and 100% sugar.
coffee sugar processing line