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New Type Cocoa Beans Peeling Machine Sold to Malaysia

Customer from Malaysia ordered one unit of cocoa bean peeling machine from GELGOOG Company. Customer owns a small factory for processing cocoa beans. This machine is with capacity 400kg/h, which is perfect for business use. Cocoa bean peeling machine is developed according to the demand of the market and the popularity of the product, its main characteristic is processed cocoa, uniform, sorting and clean, and the indicators meet the national standards. GELGOOG Company offers high quality products, considerate service to customers. We will continue to follow the "quality first, reputation first" business purposes, to make our products into the thousands.
cocoa bean peeling machine
Working principle of cocoa bean peeling machine:
Cocoa feeding, uniform feed hopper in the first, by roll roll rub peeling off, fan again by the wind to take off the skin of the suction to store closed to shaq dragon, peeling back cocoa kernel by material discharging mouth. This cocoa bean peelling machine is with beautiful appearance, reliable operation, easy maintenance, the use of a wide range of users, is rare in the food processing equipment products, can be directly driven by a motor or a diesel engine. After coco bean feed into this machine, it will be fall into the hopper uniformly, the peeling roller will remove the peel, and fan will absorb the peel anmd send to collect to outside. The kernel after peeled will be discharged out. By adjust the fan power, roller distance to realize the high peeling rate.

Model: GGT-2
Power: 2.2+1.75kw/380v
Capacity: 400kg/h
Peeling rate: >99%
Dimension: 1300*800*1300mm