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GELGOOG Provides Pre-cooked Dishes Processing Solutions

GELGOOG is a trusted supplier of digital solutions for the food industry, with mature solutions for cleaning and pre-processing, quick-freezing, thawing, frying, cleaning, sterilization, and packaging. GELGOOG always adheres to the mission of "making food production simpler and safer", and joins hands with customers and partners to embrace pre-made dishes, promote industrial upgrading, and create greater value.
Pre-cooked clean vegetables simplifies the tedious steps of buying, washing, chopping and cooking, and integrates quality, nutrition and taste, which is in line with the trend of healthy industry development, not only catering to the lifestyle of young consumers, but also catering The strong demand of enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency has broad development prospects.
clean vegetable processing solution
1. What is a pre-cooked dishes?
Prefabricated vegetables are made from agricultural, livestock, poultry, and aquatic products as raw materials, together with various auxiliary materials, and are produced centrally with modern standards. They are pre-processed through cutting, stirring, pickling, molding, seasoning and other links, and then using rapid freezing technology. Or finished or semi-finished products preserved by other preservation techniques. At present, prepared dishes can be classified into ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-heat foods, ready-to-cook foods, and ready-to-serve foods according to their eating methods.
2. How big is the market size of the pre-cooked dishes industry
In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic and the gradual improvement of cold chain technology, the prefabricated vegetable industry has ushered in an industry trend driven by catering and home consumption. The data shows that the domestic prefabricated vegetable market will be 252.7 billion yuan and 345.9 billion yuan in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and the compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2020 will be 28.8%. It is estimated that the market size of my country's prefabricated vegetable industry will further reach 415.15 billion yuan in 2022, and it is expected to grow into a trillion-dollar market in the next five years.

3. The market demand for group meals has injected new vitality into the prepared food industry
In 2017, the size of the group meal market reached 1.19 trillion yuan, accounting for about 30% of the overall catering industry, with a year-on-year increase of 5%. In 2020, the domestic group meal market share and market size will reach a new high, with the market size approaching 1.7 trillion yuan. It far exceeds the overall growth rate of the catering industry. It is estimated that the market size of group meals will exceed 3 trillion in 2025. It is expected that in the field of group meals, pre-made dishes are promising, not only can solve the research and development of new products, the replacement of dishes, but also can reduce production costs.
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