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Customized Mango Cleaning Processing Solution For CE Company

CE company is located in Cebu, Philippines, with an independent trademark registered, mainly engaged in the production and sales of chocolate, milk chocolate and other flavors of dried mango, mango sticks and various mango product gift packs. For a long time, CE company has been focusing on improving mango processing technology and insisting on hand-made products. The products do not contain artificial colors and flavors, retain the natural taste, and are sold at home and abroad.
With the improvement of brand awareness and the growth of sales, the purely manual processing method is no longer suitable for the needs of enterprise development. Especially in the cleaning of mangoes, manual cleaning is inefficient and the effect is not satisfactory. In pursuit of product quality, the cleaning process often consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. CE company is eager to find a solution that can not only maintain product characteristics, but also greatly improve processing efficiency.
customized mango processing solution
After a preliminary understanding of GELGOOG's equipment and solutions, the purpose of "making food production simpler and safer" gave CE company a preliminary sense of identity. The customer manager of GELGOOG has demonstrated the equipment and the process of testing the machine for customers through video conferences many times. The product engineer explained the material, structure and function of the equipment in detail to the customer, emphatically demonstrated the spray facilities of the equipment, and highlighted the cleaning and energy-saving effects of the equipment.
After the mango cleaning processing solution customized by GELGOOG for CE Company was officially put into operation, the efficiency of CE Company's mango cleaning and processing process has been greatly improved, saving human resources. quality.
"The mango processing solution that GELGOOG customized for me has produced such impressive results just by mechanizing the cleaning process. I began to think about the upgrade of other links and even the entire link, and I look forward to further cooperation with GELGOOG! "