Automatic Vacuum Mixer Machine Sold to Indonesia

By:Sarah     Date:2016-11-29

automatic vacuum mixer machine

Quantity: 1 unit
Certificate: CE
Place: Indonesia

Customer from Indonesia ordered one unit of Automatic Vacuum Mixer Machine from GELGOOG Company. "I am inquiring the price for your automatic dough vacuum mixing machine with 300kg and 100kg."
Customer inquiried onOctober 26th, and our sales person Miss Monica contacted customer timely and sent quotation according to customer's requirement. Finally customer placed an order.
Automatic Vacuum Mixing Machine is necessary equipment for mixing, with high efficiency, easy to operate, vacuum stuffing mixing  machine is the production of dried intestinal products, granular, mud mixed bowel products, pill products of choice for equipment, can also be optional equipment for the production of dumplings, ravioli, etc.

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