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Peanut Particle Cutting Machine For Sale

peanut chopping machine
Peanut Particle Cutting Machine is mullti-purpose for processing peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, chestnut,etc, with capacity 200-500kg/h. This peanut particle cutting machine is designed with stainless steel, which consisted of three sections of feeding, chopping and classification which vibration feeding section can enable the peanuts to evenly fall into the container where the peanuts are being evenly chopped by rolling knives, in the classification section sieves of different sizes are installed which the peanuts into different sizes. By changing working speed of feeding conveyor to adjust the size of finished peanut particles.
The machine is mainly applied to chopping vegetables, peanuts, almond and other kinds of nuts. It is composed of three parts: Vibrating feeding, shredding and grading. The vibration feeding can make the peanuts evenly spread on the digging hopper, which is good for hobbing. Chopped, graded part of the use of spiral roller, with different specifications screen, so as to meet the demand specifications.
Product features and uses
The machine in particular: high yield, uniform size, consumption of materials less noise.
Main purposes: For chopping vegetables, peanut, almond, pinenuts, walnut, etc