Vacuum Meat Mixer|Vegetable Mixer Machine

Material: meat,vegetable

Capacity: 100-400kg/time

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Vacuum Meat Mixer Machine is the necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency, easy to operate,with capacity 100-400kg/time.

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Vacuum Meat Mixer Machine is the necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency, easy to operate, vacuum mixing stuffing machine is the production of dried intestinal products, granular, mud mixed bowel products, pill products of choice for equipment, but also the production of dumplings, ravioli class Pasta products optional equipment.
Vacuum meat mixer machine advantages:
1.The use of parallel dual-axis structure, inclined plate blade, the material in the hopper while turning circular motion, so that a more uniform mixing of various materials
2.Dual-speed dual-power, according to the type of filling stuffing and process selection of different speeds and different modes of operation for mixing.
3. All the vacuum sealing devices meet the health standards of high-quality seals.
4.In a vacuum state, the filling evenly, fully expanded, good elasticity, bright color and maximize the protein.
5.Cover and discharge gate with high-quality silicone seal, easy to operate, reliable and durable.
6.The machine adopts high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean, beautiful and generous. In line with national health standards.

Retaled Product: Meat Smoke Oven
Model GG-150L GG-300L GG-500L
Power 3.5kw 3.75kw 6.75KW
Vacuum pump power 0.75kw 0.75KW 1.1KW
Capacity 100kg/time 200kg/time 400kg/time
Vacuum degree -0.085Mpa -0.085Mpa -0.085Mpa
Dimension 1450*970*1560mm 1500*1100*1500mm 1620*1320*1620mm
Weight 650KG 800kg 900kg

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