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GELGOOG 10•28 Team-building Activities

On Oct.28th, 2017, Henan GELGOOG Company organized a outdoor team-building activity. In order to strengthen the cooperation spirit and inspire our work enthusiasm, the company has decided to organize extended activities. It’s good to add outreach activities to courses in order to enhance students’ understanding and cooperation.
The staff were divided into six groups, and each group 10 or 11 people. Firstly, our founder and CEO Mr.Li made a speech. In his opening address, Mr. Li described the significance of this activity, and performance evaluation system of the enterprise must be established to meet the development of the enterprise, and promote its employee's accomplishment in the fourth quarter in year 2017. In the next moment, six groups members started running the games one by one, which enhance enterprise staff's cohesive force, coordination, and enhance their execution, responsibility and enthusiasm for the enterprise makes an effective execution team.
This outdoor team-building activity is really a good way to get to know the people you are working with. By physical activities, participants are guided into outward experiential training programs which emphasize on psychological challenge and aim at perfecting their personality.