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Snacks Frying Machines

Fried food is popular in people's daily life. Fried snack is processing different kinds of food with oil. The chacracteritics of fried snacks are crisp, delicious, and fragrant, which can increase appetite. For example, fried skewers, fried twist, fried balls, fried potato chips, french fries, fried corn, fried beans, fired nuts, fried seafood and so on. There are so many varieties for fried foods, such as fruit, vegetables, cooked food, meat and so on. In some places people like to enjoy the fried food spices, such as pepper, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sweet sauce and so on.

For snacks frying machine, today we will introduce two types of fryer machines for you:round fryer machine
1. Single Round Fryer Machine
The single series round fryer machine is suitable for orocessing spicy pork, fried chicken claw shop, fast food restaurant, canteens, chain stores, supermarkets and so on. It can fry all kinds of frying food, the main energy is electric heating, coal heating, liquefied gas and natural gas.
The use of oil-water mixing technology, automatic filter residue, can extend the oil drain cycle, greatly reducing the cost of oil.
High-quality stainless steel machine, superb technology, durable. In this case,
Using intelligent digital display thermostat, convenient and practical. In this case,
The use of automatic temperature control, effective separation of poor quality oil, easy to clean and easy maintenance. In this case. With over-temperature protection device, ease of use.
continuous fryer
2. Continuous frying machine
Continuous frying machine is mainly used in food processing industry, can produce most of the fried snacks, such as beans, peas, pine nuts and other nuts and cat ears, shells and pasta products such as puffed food. This mahcine can be combined with other machines into a complete production line, characterized by intelligent temperature control, you can first, to achieve automatic feeding, automatic mixing and automatic material, thus reducing labor costs, more than a single series of more intelligent intelligence. The main energy use of electricity, thermal oil, coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and external circulation heating. Frying out the food not only color, smell and taste superb, clean appearance without black residue, but also improve product yield and extend the shelf life.