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Customer From Sudan Visiting For French Fries Production Line

french fries machinefrench fries machine
Customer from Sudan visited GELGOOG Company for Automatic French Fries Production Line on Dec.20th. There are three customers came to visit our factory under the leadership of our sales person Miss Susan and engineer. Customers own a factory for processing snack food and plan to start a business to make frozen french fries. Our sales person detailed interpret the products to the customers.
The manufacturing process of Automatic French fries production line:
Feeding → Cleaning and Peeling → Picking → Feeding → Cutting → Blanching→ De-watering → Frying→ De-oiling→ Seasoning → Packaging.
1, Peeling: first potatoes peeled peeling machine to clean and peeled.
2, Cutting: peeled potatoes after the high-speed cut into French fries fries machine.
3, Blanching: Rinse the French fries into the blanching machine blanching, passivation fries in the oxidase, to prevent deterioration of color and speed up dehydration.
4, De-watering: After blanching after the fries into the vibrating water machine to remove excess water.
5, Frying: to the water after the French fries, to enhance the conveyor to the frying machine for frying.
6, De-oiling: The air-dry hoist for oil treatment, into the spices for seasoning machine.
7, Flavoring/Seasoning: Spreader with a tilt angle seasoning roller, automatic control of speed and material capacity, equipped with automatic feeding device, the amount of powder can be adjusted the size of the French fries and seasoning powder fully mixed.
8, Weighing packaging: tune the taste of french fries, by the conveyor belt sent to the packaging machinery for vacuum packaging or ordinary packaging, if necessary, can be installed weighing agencies.