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Commercial Meat Smoker For Sale

meat smokerMulti-purpose smoke oven, digesting the technical development of similar products in German. It is a new generation of products. And low energy consumption, heating up fast and has cooking drying baking, cold smoked,  hot smoked, spray cooling and other function. Users can process according to the different processing requirements, the flexibility to choose the appropriate technology grogram, to achive automatic control, to curing and sterilization purpose. The equipment consists of smoked chassis, automatic process control, smoke generators, smoke car in four parts. The key componenet is the steam pipes, heat exchanger and outlet channels of the circulatory system compaosed of sound, a mixture of hot air inside the fume and gas turbine cycle in the two groups under the effect of vortex formation region, so that the appropriate rate of mixed gas to balance evenly through the meat hanging in the smoke box to curing and sterilization.

Main Features of Commercial Food Smoker:
1. Comercial Meat smoke oven is one of the absolutely necessary equipments in the process of making meat products. 
2. This machine has such functions as boiling,drying, dampen drying, roasting, smoking, ventilating and cleaning etc. 
3. With the experience of decade development and careful consideration of the clients' requirement and market feedback, the product is given reasonable improvement, which has perfected the heating rate and smoking effect. 
4. The interlayer of the main machine frame is filled with imported high temperature resistant polyurethane frothing material which is able to guarantee good heat preservation, airtightness, energy saving and high efficiency.