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GELGOOG Snack Frying Production Line Shipped to Denmark

In March 2022, the fully automatic snack frying production line for the Danish company maxkrone was officially put into operation, customized by GELGOOG. The snack frying equipment was running smoothly. With the same number of employees in the factory, the output was greatly increased, and the customer was very satisfied with this snack frying line.

snack frying production line
Previously, the Danish company maxkrone has been engaged in the production and sales of fried meat snacks. Affected by the production capacity of the equipment, the output is low and the labor cost is high. Because maxkrone pays great attention to the quality and taste of food, the company's products are often in short supply. With the expansion of market demand, improving its own production capacity and expanding output has become the top priority of the company's development.
The person in charge of maxkrone contacted GELGOOG and put forward three major demands for equipment upgrades - ensuring food safety; increasing production; realizing automatic production and saving labor costs. The business manager of Jerguger planned and designed a fully automatic food frying production line for the customer, which improved the taste and taste of the fried meat, and all the items that required manual operations before cleaning, seasoning, rolling, molding, and coating were realized. Automated production solves the safety problem in the production process, and provides a one-stop solution for the large-scale and batch production of fried meat.
fried food production line supplier
Since the food frying project is one of the core businesses of Jergoug, the company has provided customers with detailed drawings, parameters and videos of the project in order to continuously innovate in order to develop healthier and safer fried food technology and technical equipment. material. GELGOOG's professional, meticulous and multi-faceted services made customers feel the sincerity of cooperation, and the two parties reached a cooperation intention on the automatic frying production line.
With the development of economy and society, the automation process of all walks of life is going forward. GELGOOG will be based in the field of food processing, focus on scientific and technological research and development, and work with partners and customers to continuously promote the digital and intelligent process of the food processing industry.