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Upgrading of Spring Roll Production Equipment

GELGOOG provides a complete set of spring roll processing equipment for every food company in demand, and a professional design team can fully meet the customization needs of large-scale production lines. Stirring stuffings, making spring roll pastry, wrapping spring rolls, frying at high temperature, quick freezing at low temperature, packaging quality inspection... In the workshop of FFPL company in Australia, the fully automatic spring roll production line manufactured by GELGOOG is working well.
spring roll production equipment
FFPL is a well-known local food company in Australia. It has been engaged in frozen one-handed food processing for more than 30 years. The main products include Peking duck wrappers, spring rolls, sausages, empanadas, xiaolongbao, dumplings, etc. In addition, it also produces dessert products, such as apple pie, cheesecake pillows, etc. Due to the wide variety of products and wide sales, there are many local distributors.
Years of honest management and smooth sales channels have enabled FFPL to have a large number of loyal "fans". The capacity of the original spring roll production equipment and the growing orders have caused irreconcilable contradictions, and the conveyor belt of the old-fashioned equipment is not easy to clean, which affects the health and shelf life of the food.
FFPL is determined to expand production, but due to the limitation of plant area and length, the existing standard equipment on the market cannot meet its needs. To this end, FFPL contacted the provider of digital solutions for the food industry - GELGOOG Company.
gelgoog spring roll solution
The customer manager of GELGOOG, together with the product engineer, made a detailed analysis of the core concerns of FFPL, showed the details of various accessories such as equipment conveyor belts in the R&D production workshop in the form of online meetings, and shared the development of the workshop over the years. The full set of solutions includes customized drawings, photos, videos and other materials.
In response to the area and length of the customer's plant, R&D engineers and product engineers constantly adjust the size, energy consumption, output and other parameters of all spring roll production equipment, and strive to meet the customer's demands. After several months of contact and communication, the attentive service of GELGOOG's account manager, the professional design of R&D engineers and product engineers moved customers, and GELGOOG and FFPL successfully reached a cooperation.
There is a sequence of hearings, and there are specialties in the art industry. Customers only need to ask questions, and GELGOOG is solely responsible for solving them. For more than ten years, GELGOOG has been committed to solving the problems encountered by customers in food processing, production and expansion, and providing exclusive solutions to achieve customers' satisfaction.