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The Advantage Of The Rice Noodles Making Machine

 Automatic rice noodles model,it can finish the adding oil,molding,steaming,cutting within one machine,it is an ideal machine for local flavor snack.
rice noodles making machine
Feature of the rice noodles making machine:
1.All imports of stainless steel, flow lines and comfortable, clean and beautiful, durable;
2.Using direct thermal heating, heating up fast, low fuel consumption than ordinary rice noodle machine saving more than 40%;
3.Production speed, thickness and temperature control, etc., can be adjusted;
4.Complete preservation of the nutritional content of rice, ho fun noodles good quality, not only nutritious, but also the health and delicious;
5.Spindle use special steel, and the strict heat treatment, make its significantly longer service life;
6.Spindle bold, extended, and motor power, and to greatly improve the yield;
7.Dashboard and the workbench is installed in the same position, all parameters marked intuitive and convenient operation.
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