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The Process Of Making Fish Skin Peanut

Process: Wrap-drying-baking-mixing-cooling-packaging
fish skin peanut making machine
1.The wrapper is a special equipment for processing peanut surface noodles. The surface of peanuts processed by this equipment is smooth and can meet the export processing standard. It has the characteristics of stable movement, low noise and no pollution. It is made of chocolate peanuts.The ideal equipment for rice, fish skin peanuts, Japanese beans, crispy fruit, mouthfuls, dinosaurs, shrimp crispy beans, spicy beans and so on.
2.Swing baking oven adopts plane swing mixing function, adopts gas, coal and electric heating mode, adjustable speed, mainly for baking of wrap food, equipped with clutch and temperature display device, automatic feeding, automatic discharging The furnace has high productivity, low breaking rate of baked food, uniform color and no pollution. It is an ideal processing equipment for granular food such as roasted red, Japanese bean, full mouth and pistachio.
3.Octagonal seasoning machine is made of stainless steel material, is the main equipment for peanut and other food processing ingredients, feeding and mixing.
4.The octagonal flaovring  machine can fully stir the raw materials and is seasoned evenly. There is no dead angle in the seasoning machine, which is easy to clean. Suitable for a variety of raw materials, peanuts, potato chips, etc.
5.Cooling machine is mainly used for surface air-drying and dewatering of food products such as food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, etc. It can also be used for products after surface cooling and packaging after halogenation.